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the president bill clinton had his own ideas. >> i thought w old moderate mitt. where you been, boy i missed you all these last two years. >> eliot: when he's moderate mitt made an appear lance tuesday when he explained his position on abortion to the des moines register. >> there is no legislation where regards to abortion that time' familiar with that would become part of my agenda is. >> eliot: that is the same mitt romney that said in a debate in january. >> do i believe supreme court shouldover turn roe v. wade? yes. >> eliot: and the president's comment. >> obama: this is another example of governor romney hiding positions he has been campaigning on for year and a half. >> eliot: i'm joined by sheera toplitz. in 24 hours the democrats have gone from panic to rebuilding. this is an emotional rollercoaster for the democratic leadership, and where do they go now and where do they settle out. >> there is a bit of a panic and that peaked over the weekend. they're start to regroup a little bit. you see operatives going out across the states. bill clinton becoming active in the campaign. they'll
the clinton global initiative where the former president holds his an ideal conference for their non-profit works. the clintons make it a family affair. with the election now just a few weeks away, we're going to start tonight's show with one of my favorite registration activists rosario dawson. she has probably done more to rock the latino vote than anyone else in her generation. then we ran into one of the finest biographers and had to ask him about steve jobs. he died a year ago today, but his legacy lives on. find out why steve jobs still matters so much to apple, and what he's writing next. >>> what about coca-cola the company is partnering with one of the most successful inventors. an odd couple that might get things right and meet a different jeff gordon than the nascar champion that talks about winning outside the track. it's a story that you probably never heard before. but first rosario dawson. >> gavin: so what brought you to the cause of vote latino. >> 2003 marked a major turning point in the history latinos were the largest minority in the country. we had been hearing a
i said, whatever it was. >> cenk: mitt romney in a nutshell. this guy is unreal. so clinton is deciding, you know what, i'm not going to let him get away with this. bill clinton in nevada listen to what he is saying. >> i thought--i thought--wow. here's old moderate mitt. where you been, boy i missed you all these years. >> cenk: that might have been my favorite line of the campaign. where you been, boy. that's an open hand slap, boy what are you going to do about it? you remember 'ol mitt romney called moderate mitt, that's what bill clinton called him. when he was running for governor in massachusetts, first as governor and then did it again with ted kennedy when running for senate. me? i'm pro-choice. listen to this guy. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose, a woman's right to choose for a woman to make that choice herself. a woman should have the right to make her own choices whether or not she should have an abortion. i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. i do not take the position of a pro-life candidate. i'm in favor of preserving
it together with a former clinton director -- >> who disavows it. >> jennifer: the partner is democrat ron widen and ron widen had his own response today, saying quote . . . and that wasn't the only tall tail from ryan. here he is criticizing the stimulus plan. >> the vice president was in charge of overseeing this. $90 billion in green pork to campaign contributors and special interest groups. >> i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters, but go on our website. he sent two letters saying by the way can you send up stimulus money for us here in the state of wisconsin. >> we advocated for constituents applying for grants. >> this was such a bad program and he writes a letter saying the reason we need the stimulus is because it will create growth and jobs. >> jennifer: you tell him joe. can you believe that green pork. paul ryan and the vice president didn't let much slip by unchallenged last night. >> i don't understand what my friend is talk about. i don't know what world he is in. it is not true. it is not true. more people signed up -- if you notice he never
played from bill clinton yesterday, how much fun is he having? >> yeah. >> stephanie: the fun the president was having the next day at his expense, he has got to get some of that mojo. >> yeah, and he went in thinking he was debating conservative mitt. >> stephanie: yeah. do you think he is allowed to have bill clinton poke his head out from the side and say modern mitt where you been boy? 45 minutes of the hour. right back with the remaining moments of fridays with fugelsang. >> makes me sick in a wonderful, wonderful way. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. he's at it again. >>it's michael moore here to see the chairman. >>and this time he's serious. >>we want our
clinton. she is now a political and policy strategist at mvg and a senior fellow at the center for american progress. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank for having me. >> jennifer: it's great to have you here because i think we need some forward looking news. arizona and texas both reliably red right now, although in september, the president came within three points in one poll in arizona leading many to say, wow, could arizona be the next swing state in this election? do you think if not in this one, in the next one, that those two states would be in the swing state category. >> this motivated a great number of hispanics in arizona to register and vote, and they succeeded in recalling for the first time ever russell pierce who was the author of "1070." he made an even fort to get back on the ballot, and they defeated him again. there is currently an effort to not reelect sheriff arpaio. and then we have richard carmono running for the u.s. senate running as a democrat and he is giving -- >> jennifer: a run for his money. >> so if not this time, i'
that is by being very very strong in explaining everything he has done for the country. we saw bill clinton do it at the convention, and people need to remember just how bad things could have within. how much farther we have come -- if i was the president i would be hammering home that jobs report from last friday. people need to understand and really begin to feel from the president that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> jennifer: i totally agree. you guys are going to stay right there, so stick around because i have thoughts on that right after the show. and after the break we'll talk about political adds and when i'm going to get my plain old boring commercials back. presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically d
-- >> eliot: i think bill clinton was part of the failure too. nobody would satisfy you. time to change the captain at the helm. ryan, what is your answer if you're joe biden. >> i think something to that effect. he could joke how he doesn't always say exactly what he's trying to say or put it in the most politics terms but that's basically what you want to say. you want to say eight years of deregulation and policies that expended the inequality gap and that led to this public that led to the crisis, which led to the four years of bubbling economy and then shoot a bit to the future. i'm not very good at that kind of thing. i probable would get hammered. >> cenk: this is the problem paul ryan turns back at him and says washington in gaffe is when you have the temerity to tell the truth. you told the truth and now you're stuck with it. i think joe biden is going to do great. >> and paul ryan was also in washington for the last four years. >> eliot: ryan grim and zerlina maxwell, thank you for your insights. i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent
as former special assistant for president clinton for national security affairs. now a professor at george washington university. thank you for joining us tonight. >> appreciate it eliot. >> working for ambassador rice, the state department, what appears to be evolving understanding about the awful story of what happened in bengahzi. why did ambassador rice make statements so quickly if there was such fluid information flow at the time? why not just remain quiet at that point? >> well any of us who are in front of the podium, you're only as good as the information that you have available at the time. as we all know frequently first reports get key elements wrong. i think there is a legitimate question not so much when the administration came out and said in care justice caveated statements this is the best information that we have available at the time, but they held onto that narrative for probably longer than was necessary. and then fast forward we got yesterday a definitive statement that there was, in fact, no protest. if that fact became an understanding that could have been put forwa
connell criticizing style. more from mitt romney and former president bill clinton. >> the president watched the debate and thought the vice president did an excellent job presenting this administration's case. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady, and poised. the other candidate, of course, just attacked. >> i kind felt for congressman ryan. he had to defend romney position that $716 billion in medicare savings in the president's budget that the congressmen voted for is some how a ripoff even though it was in his budget too. >> man he is good. for more on this debate and the struggle of the future of social security and medicare. let's go to errol lewis and thomas frank. gentlemen, thank you for being with us on "viewpoint" tonight. i came away from that debate thinking that the vice president really did the job he needed to do. he stopped the bleeding from last week. some people say he started the bleeding of paul ryan and mitt romney, but i think his job in the debate is to end last week for the obama-biden campaign. first i want to ask you
. who said that. >> eleanor clinton. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no, that was wrong. dan martin st. louis dispatch. would you like me to read more. he approved the seal mission to kill osama bin laden. mr. romney is the very embodiment of what has gone wrong. if more americans were paying attention this election would not even be close. >> yeah. >> stephanie: the atmosphere has been distorted by desperate pluto-crats. will this government be for the many or the few. choose the many choose obama! [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you. [ cheers ] >> stephanie: okay. okay. that was just happy clapping just to my liking. yay! [ applause ] >> stephanie: you know why i had to do that to cleanse my palate because we're diving into right-wing world now. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: rush limbaugh >> when obama speaks on foreign policy it literally is a green light to our enemies. obama is not deterring anybody, the iranians al-qaeda and that is evidenced by the attacks in libya, and the protests in cairo, and the accompanying protests in the rest of the middle east. the en
policy issues when he joined up with then governor clinton on that ticket. that's an importants a tribute. >> jennifer: one thing he is disciplined, and my guess is he is boning up on every bit of foreign policy that he can. kiki thank you to suchmor joining us inside "the war room." up next how is mitt romney's momentum, and i really hate even saying that -- how is that momentum translating in swing states? (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >>now that's politically direct. cu >> jennifer: you're back inside "the war room," i'm jennifer grandholm. both president obama and governor romney are pulling out all of the stops to win colorado's nine electoral votes. the
of state hilary clinton with the osama bin laden raid and they are watching the video. >> uh-huh. >> bill: there was a cartoon yesterday where it's mitt romney and his cabinet and they are watching the raid own big bird headquarters. [ laughter ] >> bill: it is something people can identify with and will stick. >> yeah, and i think obama is pretty good at taking these kinds of moments and not letting them go. i think you will probably hear this in every stump speech -- >> bill: and he may raise it again at the next debate. >> yes. and they are pretty good at finding an advantage like this and trying to run it with. >> bill: on iraq mitt romney said yesterday -- criticized the president for pulling all of our troops out of iraq. the war in iraq is over. is mitt romney really saying we ought to go back in or stayed there? what is his point? >> i think that's the issue. he is not saying that. he doesn't have a plan that we're going to take 10,000 or 5,000 troops and go back in that we know about -- >> there are still some troops there. >> yeah, for the embas
as still a pretty reasonable guy right? >> i always did yeah. he used to play golf with bill clinton. but now he's a whacko. yeah, that the obama campaign could actually doctor these numbers? come on. just accept the fact! it's working. peter is calling from miami. >> caller: hey, bill last week i wanted to talk to you when you were talking about obama and his performance, and one of the things i wanted to say is what would they have been saying if he would have been on the aggressive side, would they be saying there's the angry black guy? >> bill: you know that's what some people would have said for sure. >> caller: absolutely. but i was reading an article about the score for the obama, the deficit going down. >> bill: yeah and they always try to take the good news and turn it into bad news. >> caller: i know it's crazy. but back to the debate peter. it was not the president's best night. and certainly he has bounced back from that. >> caller: he didn't have to do that bad -- not that i thought he did bad at all but it's just that it is a no-win situation. >> bill
with a former clinton advisor -- >> biden: who disavows it. >> ryan: here is the point martha -- if we don't fix this problem pretty soon then current seniors get cut. here is the problem. 10,000 people are retiring every single day in america today and they will for 20 years -- >> biden: martha if they just allow medicare to bargain for the cost of drugs like medicaid can. that will save $156 billion right off of the bat -- >> ryan: and it will deny seniors choices. >> biden: they are not denied. folks all of your seniors out there? have you been denied choices -- >> ryan: because it is working right now -- >> if it could help solve the problem, why not very slowly raise the medicare eligibility age by two years. >> biden: i was there when we did that with social security in 1983. i was one of a few people sitting in the room. we all said as long as everybody is in the deal and everybody is making some sacrifice we can find a way. we made the system solvent to 2033. we will not, though be part of any voucher plan eliminating -- the voucher says mom, when you are 65
bill clinton did at the convention. to remind people where we were. he used a couple of numbers that, 42 and 24. for the past 50 years, 42 million have been created when democrats were in office, and under republicans only 24. >> eliot: he can use the arithmetic pain that bill clinton used. simple arithmetic. the emotion energy that you just brought cenk that's exactly right. >> cenk: as we were just talking there, i got a little buzz like nervous buzz -- like oh, my god, i hope he doesn't blow it. because if he does, then boy does that give more momentum to the republicans. >> eliot: when would you nervous? >> jennifer: always before. >> eliot: and when did you stop? >> jennifer: when the first question has been asked. >> eliot: once you are in the game. >> jennifer: once you in the game. >> eliot: it's the first 30 second of the game it's like watching athletes -- >> jennifer: you can see that in the president speaking first last time. you could see in the first question that even he was nervous. but once it gets going, you are in it. >> john: and you can see he
in massachusetts. >> stephanie: been there, done that. >> caller: i got to go down to this bill clinton thing. for anybody who wants to believe that white men can't jump -- >> stephanie: yeah, he literally jumped up and down. >> when he jumped up i thought way to go bill. >> stephanie: you are like is he doping; what is going on? >> caller: yeah, he had some lift. and one of the callers on tom hartman's show made a comment about this whole angry backman thing -- by the way african american richard in chicago. bell >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: this whole thing about being angry black man give it up. walk in there and be a, quote unquote, frustrated man who happens to be black. it's sort of let's get past all of that. i see angry guys all over the place, and he can be a frustrated man with the lies and back and forth with mitt romney. but tonight will be really interesting because i have heard a lot of people say ryan is this, ryan is that, what ryan is not is as you guys said willing to kind of stay on the stage, stay in the moment if he gets pressed really hard. and i thi
. and against hillary clinton there was not a clear winner. he's not the earth's best debater. >> cenk: i hear you on that. before we let you go, real quick, how is this effecting if at all the senate and congressional races? how are the democrats doing at this point. >> it's tough to say. one of the interesting one is massachusetts where elizabeth warren has opened up her lead over scott brown. but the president in massachusetts has lost a few points as he has everywhere in the polling that has come out. the other senate races there are people running for senate who are counting on some of obama's coattail shelly berkeley in nevada is one of them. the president won't have coattails in montana. but claire mccatskill had this todd akin opening, and if the president holds her back a little bit that's problematic. that has not changed the face of many of the big races. sheerod brown tim cain may have to worry but we're being conjecturists here and i just invented that word. >> cenk: it's heartening to hear that elizabeth warren is doing better. thanks. >> thanks. >> cenk: paul ryan's opponent is
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)